Art Foundations: 2D Design Fall 2019 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assignment PromptFor centuries, artists have been expressing themselves through the combination of art and math known as tessellation. Due to the navigation of figure and ground between these interlocking shapes, we are presented with unique compositional challenges to create depth and contrast. How can we use this historical method to think outside the box and bring an object of our own imagination to life? 
Using the black and white analog media of your choice, create a tessellation of a creature or object of your design. Using the full range of value scales, render your tessellation to create believable tones and textures.
Learning Objectives:
-demonstrate competency in analog media
-apply the design principles of pattern, repetition, value and texture to your composition
-create original imagery inspired by the historical technique of tessellation
by Lauren Arrett 2019
by Olivia Eis 2019
by Jacoba Epstein 2019
by Grace Hartman 2019
by Megan Heim 2019
by Bradley Jones 2019
byvAnna Klein 2019
by Serendipity Swanstrom-Stage 2019
by Zoe Young 2019
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