Art Foundations: 2D Design Fall 2019 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assignment PromptFor generations, the book has functioned as a source of knowledge, a source of intimacy, and a source of legacy. Books are the keepers of secrets, the conservator of memories, and the disseminators of information. They are also inherently time-based and interactive: to gain the complete understanding of its contents, it must be handled over a period of time. What does it mean for an artist to translate their work to the book form, and how does this format transform the work? 
Using Adobe InDesign, as well as any other digital and/or analog media of your choosing, create a zine/artist book about any topic, fictional or nonfictional. The final book must contain 16 or more pages, as well as text and images, and can be bound in the format of your choice. 
Learning Objectives:
-demonstrate competency in design of multi-page formats 
-apply the design principles of balance, movement, rhythm and typography 
-translate an idea from a digital facsimile to a physical book object
by Miranda Aalto 2019
by Rebecca Bailey 2019
by Faith Bump 2019
by Michaela Carey 2019
by Olivia Eis 2019
by Grace Hartman 2019
by Anna Klein 2019
by Jiaqi Zhang 2019
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