Art Foundations: 2D Design Fall 2019 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assignment Prompt: Using the masking tools in Adobe Photoshop, create a composite image from three or more photographs. Then, using photo editing tools, recompose your composite image into four different images to tell a simple visual narrative. 
Project Objectives:
-create composite photographs using basic Photoshop tools
-apply the design principles of emphasis, scale and proportion to black and white imagery
-utilize the power of the sequential still image to create the illusion of narrative
Please note: the below images may contain copyrighted photographs. These photographs have been used solely for educational purposes, and the students do not take credit for the copyrighted images used for this class exercise
by Tyler Brent 2019
by Annie Claypool 2019
by Alyssa Cohen 2019
by Cole Peterson 2019
by Cristina Rodriguez 2019
by Serendipity Swanstrom-Stage 2019
by Sophia van Gheem 2019
by Nuchee Vang 2019
by Jiaqi Zhang 2019
by Olivia Eis 2019
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