Art Foundations: 2D Design Fall 2019 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assignment PromptColor is possibly the most powerful tool in the visual artist’s kit. At once indescribable and ever-present, the proper use of color can drastically transform the mood, emphasis and perception of a work of art. How can we use the power of color to make visual the unseen world, and bring a song to life? 
Using the color media of your choice, analog or digital, create an abstract visual representation of the song of your choice. Using a variety of hues, tints, tones and shades, render the chosen song using one of the color harmonies discussed in class to make a unified composition that balances harmony and discord to convey the song’s mood.
Learning Objectives:
-demonstrate competency in colored media
-apply the design principles of color theory, unity, harmony and discord
-create original abstract imagery in response to auditory inspiration
by Lauren Arrett 2019
by Faith Bump 2019
by Jacoba Epstein 2019
by Grace Hartman 2019
by Bradley Jones 2019
by Anna Klein 2019
by Jane Lazzara 2019
by Cole Peterson 2019
by Ryan Prehara 2019
by Serendipity Swanstrom-Stage 2019
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