The things I fantasize about are the things that scare me the most. Violence, death, femininity, fertility, sex, intimacy and love all occupy a liminal space which vacillates between states of abjection and desire, fear and reverie. I cannot conceive of a sexuality without violence at its core, nor can I conceive of a loving partnership without the death of the individually-delineated self. To be with another,—to love another,—is to die.
In my practice, I cultivate the dissonance that takes place at the uncanny union of death and eroticism, attraction and repulsion, tenderness and violence to create immersive art experiences that combine my background in digital media and design with my current exploration of installation, transformation and multiplicity. Through the interaction between space, time, image, scale and viewer, I investigate the exhibition space as a place of ritual, a place of implication, a place of voyeurism, and a place of absolution.
Currently, I am developing two bodies of work. The first, ‘The Living Wallpaper,’ appropriates the Art Nouveau aesthetic with subtly-animated wall-projected patterns to investigate the tension between the feminine body as decoration and as a site of agency. The second, ‘Phantasmagoria,’ is a series of intimately-scaled artist books which disclose confessions of taboo fantasies and desires. By presenting these books in the public gallery space, I ask the reader to navigate their position as voyeur, oppressor, confidant and liberator.
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