Art Foundations: 2D Design Fall 2019 at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assignment Prompt: A signature is a defining mark used to demonstrate identity and intention. While most artists sign their work with a stylized version of their name, many others throughout history have identified their work through symbol and imagery. How do we communicate identity and ownership through image instead of words? Using Adobe Illustrator, create a unique image that represents you and your artistic practice.
Learning Objectives:
-create original imagery using basic Adobe Illustrator tools
-apply the design elements of point, line, shape and plane to two-dimensional digital imagery
-utilize positive and negative space in black and white imagery

by Rebecca Bailey 2019
by Annie Claypool 2019
by Olivia Eis 2019
by Jacoba Epstein 2019
by Estelle Ernst 2019
by Bradley Jones 2019
by Liv Krieble 2019
by Darahnea Moua 2019
by Cole Peterson 2019
by Serendipity Swanstrom-Stage 2019
by Jiaqi Zhang 2019
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